Friday, 23 March 2018


So when I was taking my kids to school I went down the drive way in my trolley and then I could see this steam in the ocean. I thought it was a whale breathing but then black stuff came out so then I want to see what happened at the end the BOOM!!. Tephra and loads of ash came shooting at into the sky and then black smoke came out. Next and boom blocks came out and then black smoke came rushing down also the waves they rushed and fast as possible and I knew it was to late to run. after that smoke went away likely my friend put a gas mask on me. The thing that I saw was anther land and that happen by a hotspot how the magma because the lava comes out and it cools down by the water and the how it formed a new island.


Nicola Wells said...

Hi Havea, here's your point score!
You correctly used (for 3 points each):
I liked how you used the idea of thinking it was a whale breathing, that's a good metaphor of what it looked like.
You didn't lose any points for not using capitals at the start of the sentence, but you did lose 2 points for using the word 'mantle' wrong - the mantle is a layer under the crust; you meant 'magma'! Magma is crust rock that has melted, and it comes out onto the surface as lava.
So your total score was 20!
I really appreciate you explaining about the hotspot under Auckland being what caused this volcano. The hotspot causes the crust under Auckland to melt into magma, which then pushes its way to the surface as an eruption!
Thanks for sharing your story :) I hope your kids got to school safe that day.

Karen Ferguson said...

Thanks Havea.
How shallow does the water have to be for this to explode to the surface and create new land?
It sounds very spectacular!
Miss Ferguson

Matua Vaughan Spurdle said...

Hi Havea. I really like the way you wrote this from a different narrative perspective - as a parent!

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