Thursday, 1 March 2018

Describe earthquke

To day we did a experience about the earthquake with a sandwich.So the first thing we did was get four slices of bread and plate,plastic knife and nutella. The thing we did was get the bread and put nutella in it. Then we sliced it the bread represent the crust then we put jam in the middle to represent the mantle then we had to model what happen at a transform bousy and I learn the a earthquake happens by a tectonic plate and the sandwich represent the tectonic plates.Inline images 4

A an earthquake is two plates that try to pass each other and some of it slip.

The plates are tectonic plates. We did this with a egg the shell of it repents the lands broken into chunks. and the earthquake makes it spread apart and the lands crack.


Nicola Wells said...

Hi Havea, thanks for describing the method of the sandwich model that we made in class. How did you move the sandwiches when you were modelling a transform boundary? When you moved them apart on over the jam/mantle that was a divergent boundary, as the plates moved apart. I really like how you identified that the jam was meant to be the mantle.

Nicola Wells said...

Hi Havea - the image isn't showing! You might have to screenshot it and upload it, I don't think copy-paste works.

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