Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Made in Taiwan

2 men went on a interesting adventure to Cook island , Samoa and Taiwan to find their ancestors. First they went to Cook island were Nathan ancestors were.They went to go see the waka and then visited a lady. Then they visited to Samoa because  Oscar wanted to open his letter with hes mum and grandma. After that they went to go visit to Taiwan cause the were Oscar ancestors were. When they got their they went to the museum to see the Taiwan people. They looked a lot like Maori because they looked a lot like Maori. They had the tattoo on they face they did hongi when they meet someone new. Also the person who took them there looked like a islander herself and her name was Ina and that was who their ancestors I thought their journey was successful They found were their ancestors came from

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Dorothy Apelu said...

Thank you Havea for your post. I like how you have ordered the story to explain what Oscar and Nate did. Which part of the journey did you enjoy the most?

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