Monday, 26 June 2017

My superhero and dreams

My superstar that I look up to is my beloved dad because he is smart at all sorts of amazing things. I would like to be him because he is fantastic at building and everytime I go to his job he creates unbelievable things such as  huge buildings and many more. My dad gets everything I want if I ask politely,  also if I was him I would do a lot of stuff just like him. He is also energetic towards sports. One day I will follow his footsteps.

The place where I would want to live is Miami because it is always sunny I like the city because I will get to see a very popular celebrity, my favourite basketball player James Johnson. I pick miami because the city looks amazing there are a lot of cool stuff there. I like the homes there. Also it looks a lot clearer than nz.

The other place I would go to is DisneyLand because I get to see all the cool characters like Mickey mouse and castles also there are some cool rides. You get to see where Lightning Mcqueen perform his unbelievable speed. The other place I would like to go to is California because it is interesting. Also my cousin tells me that it is cool to live there.  

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