Friday, 23 June 2017

Matariki Activity

Look for these sea creatures  that Maori collect to make a yummy kai
  1. Spiky ball fish that has only 1 shell
Image result for kinaImage result for shellfish
Do you think these animals would be harvested during matariki? If not , when? Explain your answer.
Find an with a shell that can be used as an instrument.
Yes because it said to collect it to make a yummy kai so it would be harvested

Choose a bird that would make a good meal for Maori. Explain.
Because it can feed all of them because it is big but I really don't know about the tasted
Also it can feed all of them

Image result for big birds in the world
Conservation- Pou rahui
What did the Maori conserve?kiwi
What in your neighbourhood would you conserve and why?


Draw a picture in drawing of a pataka. Label your drawing. Write the significance of the instrument.

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