Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Today our class had to do prototec the score I got was 80% but I use to be 90 I went down because I am not focusing on my work and always talking when it is math lesson.I want to get a 100% on prototec because that is what a year 8 is supposed to be on.To get there I would need to focus more on my maths so I can accelerate and so I can keep up the pace for a year8.


Natalia@Glen Innes School said...

Malo e lelei Havea,
I really enjoyed reading your paragraph about what you've achieve throughout this term. I also did a basic facts test. I like how you said you wanted to try your best to get 100% on your current stage. What are some more things you can do to get 100% on the stage you're on now?

Jamaine said...

Kia ora Havea, your blog post was about basic facts your score is great, I got 50% in basic facts and I didn't improved. you can get 100% if you focus more and not chat with your friend.

Kane said...

Talo fa lava Havea
I liked reading your paragraph about your prototec because its funny to read. I hope you get to 100% on stage 6 or 7. Do you like prototec?

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