Friday, 20 October 2017

How I want to be remembered

How I want to be remembered. I want to be remember as good and responsible boy but not how I act now.I want to be that person who takes it seriously on my work also who doesn't get in trouble most of the time. I want to be remembered as a responsible boy because so my family knows that I can do something in life with them not being there for me.  

The thing I have to do is be responsible and not be naught because that is the things I struggle on.Also try to stay out of trouble so they can remeber me as a good child instead of naught.I want to be remember a good child because if I am bad they will think that my sisters are like me and if I good they will think that they act like me good.

I would also want to be remend as a sports person  because  I love sports to do that I will have to train more so I can get better and better so I can be remeber of winning a sport at school.

I would also want to be someone breaking records at our school because when you break a record you would get a certificate. Also they will hang it where everyone can see it and it will have my name on it.But I will break it so no one can break but only if we a record.

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