Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Football skills

This morning we went to football and this man Steve
taught us a few skills but the basic skills for football the skills we learnt was

4.defend the ball.
5.Use the inside or outside of your foot to pass the ball.

I did a bit good because I was good at passing also attacking
and defend but if I keep practicing I will be better.
If I had to compare rugby my favorite sport rugby I would be better at rugby.
The fun part was our first game that we played because we had to look after our
because the other people tried to kick it out.


Natalia@Glen Innes School said...

Bula Vinaka Havea,
I thought that your two paragraphs told me so much about what skills you learnt while playing football. I also wrote a paragraph about the skills that I learned yesterday. What was your favourite skill you learned yesterday?

Sive @ Glen Innes School said...

Kia ora Haveah,I like the photos that you have posted the photos remind me of a book I read at home. I have posted about football too and I have one same photo that you have got up. Did you know that football can stretch you out when you are kicking or when you are tackling. So do you like football more than rugby.

Havea @ Glen Innes school said...

Bula Vinaka Natalia
My favorite skill that I learn was dribbling and lots more what your favorite skills?.

Havea @ Glen Innes school said...

Kia ora sive
I like both but I good at playing rugby more.

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