Friday, 24 June 2016

How to play gutter

What it is:board,partner,lanes,drop,1 to 4 player,behind line,15 bounce,difficult
Explain,detailed:try aim for the board,end at the last lane
sumrey:partner,lanes,drop,1 to 4 player,behind line,15 bounce,opponent,cheating
In gutter ball The players need to have a gutter board and a bouncy ball. In gutter players can play with in 1 to 4 player. Firstly you have to start on the first line it can be very difficult to play because you will have to hit the ball onto the flat side and try to catch the ball.To play the game you have to hit the ball on to the surface of the board.

On the first line you have to do 15 bounce  on the first lane then next is 10 on the next lane then 5 and 3 if your opponent beat you a next team come.Sometime the ball goes up on the roof.If you drop the ball you have to give the ball to your opponent some time they will beat you because it was you first time but you will get better if you keep try.

If you keep playing the game you will get better and better but you need to practice you catch and ami to throw you just need to keep playing and you will get better when you practise you will get to be the pro.Some time when you play gutter board you might get mix up with balls and board so you got to write your room numbers on it or it gone

The rules are play fair no cheating share the ball no fight just play the game fairly and have fun

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