Tuesday, 17 May 2016

T2 W2 title Turn into a giant

One stormy day at 12:00 am there was a boy named Trevor, he has brown eyes and tan skin.  Trevor is 16 years old he  studied on giants. It was Trevor's dream to be a giant just imagining what he could do. Every time Trevor went to school the other children would always mock him because they thought giants were made up. Everyday after school Trevor would go to a science lab near a train station to drop of the chemicals to make the turn into a giant. as Trevor was gone a train would come past and drop different chemicals into his bottle. One day Trevor had drank the chemicals in his bottle. Trevor didn’t feel okay after he had drank the chemicals so he had decided to head home. When Trevor woke up the next day he had noticed he was an giant. Trevor was amazed that his chemicals worked and turned him into a giant.

Then he went to the science lab to found the professor to show him what he is, the professor was so shocked he fainted. When he got up he saw him he was amazed the the hes got to show to the world but Trevor squash his phone and the professor said he will be the next big foot Then the professor said you better get some rest when he woke up his professor was on the phone with the FBI to come with a big cage Trevor said who were you talking to he said no one  but he head the FBI  and ran as like a cheetah was chasing him he leaped over everything that was in his way

He miss being little he think to himself he like being enormous and all but he missed being little so he had a wish when he woke up he was at home in his bed when He went to school he told everyone but they did not believe so he turn it to it again and he start run away from the cops and they believe he was rich because of the science and he never was big again

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