Monday, 24 July 2017



The object that I want to acceleration on is writing because I got a 2P on it and I want to get a 4 this time.To acceleration I will have to read a book and write in my own words or just write about my day.Also when I finish I can give it to my dad or my so they can read and fix it up for me.

Another object I would love to acceleration is math because I got a 3P but I would love to get a 4 to do this I would have to do more work on math.Also get my parents to help me with it


jolie said...

Kia Ora Havea

Incredible work. I am also trying to achieve my goal which is getting a 4B,4P or a 4A in writing. Did you know that if children practise their writing they will get better and better. One question, If you achieve youre goal what will you try and get next?

Havea @ Glen Innes school said...

Hi Jolie
Thanks for the comment But I will try to get 4A next time

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