Friday, 2 September 2016

How has sport made me a better peson

WALT: write an explanation

Sport has made me a better/worse person
There are three values needed in sport. The values are Respect,Excellence and Friendship. With these values they make you a better person in sports and in general.


Respect is related to a sport because I have played a sport and I have learnt that you need to respect wherever you go But in sport you need to respect the other team because if you do not they will feel is good to respcet player because they will respect you.If a team does bad do not say shame and make then feel bad say good game because it is good to see some one happy.

In we were achieve we came third and we took a little of among kids but we came third with all of the support from the school so when we came school we told all of the people and they said they can do better than us and we started laughing.
Sport has made me a better person because of my skills and so that when I go on a inter school I will have all the moves but some it is good to be a sport person because when I grow up I want to be a ruby play so I need to respect the other team follow the rules and and make sure we play fair and sport made me a better person so i can get friend because people will hang around kids who are good at is good for your team to be friend because if you have no team friends your team will fall a part and it will not be a team any more and work well togrther as a team.

I believe sport has made me a better person to get fit and nere get because I do not want to be sleeping all day on the chair and I need to respect the the other team and achieve more skills that i can t do and learn how to cooperate with my team  

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