Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cook Island Language Week

Today there were some Cook Island people who came to teach us about their Cook Island history and how to build a vaka without tools.The thing that I learned from them  was how to use the drill and their language.They make the drill to to do the vaka the string that they use to make the vaka is called niu, it is a string made out of the outside of the coconut.They told us about how you know when you are at your place these things will help you get to your designation birds because birds do not fly that far.Next they showed us some photos of the vaka and the canoe they told us how it is made then they ask some quietest if there was no tools to make a vaka what will you use we said rocks or shells they said you could use it but they had a different idea they burn the wood and started to scrap the in side.the they gave us the some a drill to play with I was good at it so I had to give it to someone else so when that was done they pack up and said Kia Orana and sing a song a we life.

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