Sunday, 3 July 2016

80 kilometers walk

This Tuesday Dreydon,Kate came to our school and help our class to set a goal.They came to share their presentation with our class their presentation was about their 80 kilometers walk.They came for this building company.They decided to do the 80 kilometers walk to raise money for schools and we were one of them Then they told us what they needed.So they had food, camel bag it was called a camel bay because is carried water in it and they needed this located beacon to get help from west pack if some falls off a cliff .

Next they told that their goal had to be smart smart sand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Then they told us what is our goal our goal but we had a class goal we need to have our own my goal was to be a all back.Then they told us about the walk they said the walk hard and when Dreydon showed us all those stars we were amazed and he was like WHOA.So he keep going throw the presentation he told us some people got injured one had a swollown leg then the others and the other one I don't know I hope they feel better it must been extremely hard.

Then he moved on it funny because some had to wear the toto and congratulation to that lady that quit but keep going i know it hard but you have to keep on going and thank you for raise the money for our  school it the goal that they had to walk the helry tralle in 8 kilometers I want to be there to see how hard it is and the weather it was lighting,lighting and little bit of sun.

Thank you for the money that your guys raies and laddy for our senior and we did a walk but short and for coming to show you presentation to our class it ohh and thank you for the lolles and the letter hope we see you again and if you walk again tell i want to walk just kidding and it was good to hear that 9 people made it .

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Tane said...

Kia ora Havea
I think that this is an great story about what Dreydon and Kate done as their presentation. I think that hearing about someone wearing a pink Toto was funny. I also wrote a post about Dreydon and Kate. Did you enjoy the presentation?

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