Saturday, 22 March 2014

I am Havea.

Get to know me.

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I am a boy,  9 years old.  My name is Havea.  I live in the pretty suburb of Glen Innes, in Auckland, New Zealand.  I go to the little school in our area called Glen Innes School.  I am proud of my green and black uniform and wear it daily to school.

I have brown eyes, and back hair.  Sometimes I colour my hair brown.    

The things I like doing at school are playing with my friends, swimming and writing on my netbook.  Going swimming everyday is so  cool.   I also love writing and updating my blog every week.. It is cool to see so many people from all over the world reading my writing.

Like all the students in my class, I like food.  I enjoy eating at KFC and Carl Junior’s,  but my favourite place is Carl Junior.

I have many friends at school too.  In school we get together to play rugby, tag, tennis and touch.  I love playing rugby with my friends.  Sometime we get together after school for a game of PsP.

Glen Innes is a nice  place to be in.

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Courtney Brown said...

good boy son keep up the good work

from mum

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